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Rapid Relief Cooling Mist


The Hot Flash Strikes

When hot flashes strike, skin quickly becomes irritated and hot with redness and sweating. Skin relief becomes urgent.

The Rapid Cooling Mist can always be kept close at hand, allowing quick response to the speed at which a hot flash develops.

The Rapid Cooling Mist is available in a large spray bottle, designed to be kept at home or at work, and a compact bottle, designed for use when out and about.

Mist Application

The Cooling Mist is most effective when applied directly to uncovered skin of the upper chest and neck.

Keeping the treated skin uncovered allows the mist to evaporate from the skin surface.

Long Lasting Relief

The Rapid Cooling Mist draws heat from the skin at such a high rate that hot flash relief lasts significantly longer compared to other cooling products.

The Mist also hydrates the skin, alleviating skin irritation. 

The Mist’s easy and portable handling allows for quick and discreet application and gives peace of mind from future hot flash occurrences.